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Visiting a home in Madrid.

Since the day my family moved to Madrid, I was wondering what is a home in Madrid. I always wanted to learn more about the traditional Spanish home. Every time when I was passing by a picturesque entrance in central Madrid, I was dreaming to visit one of the homes inside. Believe it or not but one day my wish came true.

My story of visiting a home in Madrid.

My friend Anna introduced me to Sofia, a young and charming host of one of the apartments located on a little historical street in Madrid, who kindly invited me to visit her home. Several days later I was standing in front of the immense entrance doors of Sofia’s building with a bouquet of mimosas. The quiet hallway and stairs of the old styled building were telling me that it is going to be a special home. I was welcomed by the incredibly hospitable Sofia and her cute dog named Rudolfo who was following us while Sofia was showing me her home and telling its history.

Sofia’s home and its story.

Sofia and her husband have been living in this apartment for a year and a half. The creation of this striking home is solely the work of Sofia. While she doesn’t have any formal design education she managed to make a home which represents both Sofia’s impeccable taste for light colors and elegance and respect for the traditions and the values of the family. I think a secret of this warm and young home is Sofia’s gift to combine old and new, traditional and contemporary. Perhaps it cannot be different for a person who comes from one of the greatest historical Andalucían cities called Cordoba where contrasting cultures have coexisted over many centuries.

“Traditionally in Spain a young family inherits furniture and home accessories from the previous generation. We were not an exception. In order to fit the antique furniture to our new home, I changed the upholstery.”


“My favorite place at home is this typical Andalusian table with a heater inside. I must say that I can´t get out of it once I sit there.”

“In our bedroom, I used an antique folding-screen as a panel picture.”

“This is a guest room which I also decorated with my favorite color palette”.

“My mom is an artist and we are happy to have her gorgeous artwork all over the house.”

What is a home?

Home is a place where I am so comfortable that I can spend days without going out and enjoying it more than anything.

What was your inspiration while creating your home?

It is the first house where I live with my husband so I decorated it with a lot of love.

Could you please describe your home in three words?

Cozy, bright and elegant.

What do you do first when you come home?

Say hello to my dog who greets me with a lot of energy.

What is your home missing and what are you dreaming to have?

A terrace where I can plant flowers and sit down to have sun the whole day.

With what smell or what recipe do you associate your home with?

A fresh smell like that of gardenia.

And what about sounds?

Silent and quiet.

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