The future kept – an inspiring interview with Jeska Hearne.

What is The Future Kept first of all ?

At the end of the year we all dream and make plans for the next year. That is why I would like to tell you about one of the most inspiring projects I came across in the last couple of years. The Future Kept is a creation of Jeska and Dean about whose beautiful and cozy home I wrote here. Jeska and Dean had a wish to build a project which will make almost every one of us think about how we buy and consume.  As well as how our decisions regarding buying things change the world.

The Future KeptThe Future Kept

Their wish came true when they put  together a collection of beautiful and useful items for life and the home that are made with love, thoughtfulness, and a story to tell. 

Today I am happy to share my interview with Jeska about their creation and journey.

What gave you the idea to open a shop? So what was the inspiration behind it?

I have always wanted to run my own shop, I have worked in retail on and off for 17 years. We have seen the good the bad and the down right ugly. If I had opened a shop five years ago as planned it would have been filled with items that just look pretty for the sake of it. We ourselves have been on a bit of an emotional journey with the way we spend our money and live our lives. So opening an online lifestyle store that would hopefully change how folk think about the way they consume items over time. It  felt like the right way to go, and we finally made the leap!

The Future Kept

How did you decide on the name?

This was quite the challenge – at first it was going to be all one with Lobster and Swan (my lifestyle blog).  But then it seemed to make more sense to give it a name that meant more to everyone.  The word ‘Kept’ means a lot to us and as avid keepers of heirlooms from the past we wanted to sell things that would hopefully have the same sentimental value to their future owners. A blanket passed down through a family, a spoon that has stirred through three generations of cake. Well made things that last and must be treasured.

 Describe your style in a few words.

Cosy, homely, bohemian and rescued.

The Future Kept

 What makes “The Future Kept” unique?

We sell an edited collection of beautiful products that we want to live with in our own home.  We truly believe in. New, vintage, sustainable and ethical – stylish but Earth conscious. Items that will enhance your living experience and the environment for all of  those involved in creating them.

It seems to me that “The Future Kept” is not just a shop. It is a creative enterprise, which inspires us to make small changes in our life in order to make our world better. For example, you encourage your customers to buy less. You support the makers. You plan to donate some percentage of your profit to non-profit organizations at the end of the year. I am sure it not easy to run a business like this.

How do you find the strength to do it this way and furthermore stay true to yourself?

These are all things we believe very strongly in.  We have been slowly changing the way we consume over the last few years. No one is perfect and it is a huge learning curve that shifts and changes all the time but trying to buy less but and buy better is something we can all do over time. As my friend Chelsea says ‘If buying a product means supporting unethical business practices, it isn’t worth having. Shop handmade and from ethical companies. We truly vote with our money’.

How do you find the products that you carry?

We discovered most of the items on our travels around Europe, Scandinavia and online. We do very occasionally attend trade shows to find the odd hidden gem and new fledgling independent businesses.

The Future Kept

 It seems like that no matter who you are you can find something you like in “The Future Kept”. How do you decide on the range?

We wanted to have a strong timeless collection created by design led makers that would appeal to people that are thinking about ways to be more Earth conscious, but who also care about the environment they spend time in.

Who are some of the designers that you currently feature? Can you tell us about one of them as an example?

We are crazy in love with everything we have put in the store, but are thrilled to have collaborated on ceramic collections with Jono Smart and Andrea Roman, we are also very excited to have worked on custom art prints with illustrator Karolin Schnoor.

You have beautiful vintage items. How do you find them?

We are getting ready to launch a new collection of found items next spring as we have been out of stock of vintage for too long now! These items are always found on our travels – locally and far flung. We like to spend sunny days escaping to near-by towns and cities looking for vintage treasures that fit in with the overall aesthetic of TFK. When we do find something and can bear to part with it, it is always extra special!

Photography by The Future Kept

The Future Kept

Visit Jeska’s home in Sussex.

Or try her favorite recipe.

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