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A remarkable, abandoned Russian estate

Bykovo estate 1

There are places which stay beautiful and impressive even after years of being abandoned and neglected. And this is one of them. The remarkable historic estate Bykovo is located southeast of Moscow, Russia and was built by a famous Russian architect, Vasily Bazhenov, in 1780-1790, and later redesigned by architect Bernard de Simone in 1830-1840. During its history, it belonged to several prominent aristocratic families – the Izmailovs, the Vorontsov-Dashkovs, and the Ilyins. During the Sovient era it was nationalized and passed among many institutions and later served as a tuberculosis sanatorium which recently moved out. Over the years the art collection and the interior furnishings disappeared without a proper mandate for preservation. Nowadays the main palace is closed for visitors but the park is still open for public and we can try to imagine how grand the estate was many centuries ago.
 Bykovo estate 2
Bykovo estate 4

The terrace extends from the façade offering a stunning view of the park.

Bykovo estate 5

An impressive façade of the palace – a massive portico with four statues of Greek maidens.

Bykovo estate 6

The west end of the palace has a tall tower which provided its residents with a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

Bykovo estate 7

Bykovo estate 8

The park may lack its original elegance, but  it still keeps its picturesque landscape and mysterious atmosphere which keeps me coming back.

Bykovo estate 9

Bykovo estate 10

Bykovo estate 11

Bykovo estate 12

I hope this incredible estate which reminds me so much of European castles will be meticulously restored to its original grandeur and become a museum one day.

Bykovo estate 13


Удивительная усадьба Быково, которая сейчас находится в запустении, за долгую и во многом грустную историю не потеряла своего величия и красоты, пусть и изменилась почти до неузнаваемости. Сейчас остается только использовать свое воображение, чтобы представить ее роскошь и вместе с тем элегантность во времена рассвета. Загадочный, обладающий удивительным достоинством замок с живописным парком очень напоминает европейский, хотя находится в Подмосковье. Сюда хочется вернуться снова.

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